User-friendly interface for menu management
Manage menus of any complexity and dish composition quickly and easily

Add and combine options, use dictionaries to speed up menu management.

Analyze costs

Use AI for translation and image generation.
Import your menu from your existing paper menu using AI
Upload your restaurant menu and get a ready-made menu with categories, dishes, and prices.
Menu Configuration for POS
Customize the display of categories and dishes with additional groupings by stations

Add photos, and even generate them using AI
Modifiers for dishes when ordering online: for dining in, delivery, or pickup.
Modifiers are available for both multiple and single selection, with or without an additional charge, as well as separate price options.
Managing Ingredients and Recipes
Manage dish ingredients and their costs, combine them into recipes, and organize supplies!
Translate menu to different languages with AI
Simply select the categories or dishes you want to translate, and AI will do the rest for you. 

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