Reservation management
Boost Your Restaurant’s Profitability with Direct Reservations

Increase your restaurant’s profitability by securing direct bookings through your phone or website.

By encouraging customers to book directly with you, you can reduce reliance on third-party reservations platforms, save on commission fees, and establish a more personal connection with your guests.
Flexible booking process configuration
Customization of booking slots

Automatic booking confirmation

Additional information for clients
Maximize Revenue with Prepayment for Reservations
Improve your restaurant reservation system with the prepayment feature.
This allows guests to secure their reservations with a payment upfront, reducing no-shows and ensuring a steady stream of revenue.
Manage Online and Offline Reservations in One POS System
Easily handle both online and offline reservations from a single interface within your POS terminal.

Access and manage bookings seamlessly from mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers, ensuring efficient reservation management wherever you are.

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