Multiplatform Point of Sale
Accept orders from your iOS and Android tablets and mobile phones, laptop, PC, or Mac

Visper POS provides the ideal workplace for your employees, ensuring a seamless and efficient point of sale experience.

With Visper POS, managing your business becomes easier and more productive.
All-in-One Application
With Visper POS, you won’t need another app.

Manage all aspects of your business seamlessly: online and offline orders, inventory, employee management, reservations, online queue, analytics, and integrations with UberEats, JustEat, Glovo, and more.
Table Management and Bar Mode
Set up your restaurant’s virtual floor plan to speed up order taking by waitstaff.

Activate bar mode for specific tables to manage quick orders and payments at the bar, while continuing regular table service.
Multiple Payment Methods-
Visper POS supports all major payment methods, including cash, cards, and various online payment options tailored to different countries.
Comprehensive Hardware Integration
Visper POS seamlessly integrates with essential hardware needed for efficient restaurant operations, including receipt printers, cashboxes, and payment terminals.

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Kitchen Management
Streamline your kitchen operations with Visper POS. Easily send orders to a dedicated kitchen printer or take advantage of the integrated Kitchen Display System (KDS) for enhanced efficiency.

The KDS is a specialized mode within the app, available for kitchen staff. It is designed to simplify and optimize order management, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in the kitchen.

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Manage online orders
Receive and manage orders from various sources. Organize your own delivery or connect to our partner service.
Save on commissions with Visper POS!
Split the Bill
Easily divide an order among a group of guests and reassign the table or waiter with just a few taps on your POS.

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